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Mortgage Refi (Live Transfers)
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These are pre-screened live transfers directly to your call center. We can assure you that a nice handoff will take place. We own and operate our own call center here in the US and are fully compliant. FHA, Conventional. Expect LTV below 90%, balance above 100k. Here is our script: Hi is this _______? My name is (Agent_Name) calling on behalf of Mortgage Quotes and trying to see if you are still shopping around for the best Mortgage rates for your residential property. The Mortgage rates are at an all time low right now. Some of our customers are seeing rates as low as the 4% range! I just have a few questions to make sure you'd be qualified: 1. Approx. how much do you owe on your home? Home value must be over $125k to continue 2. Would you say getting the best interest rate is one of your top priorities? Lead must say yes. 3. What is your current interest rate? Is it fixed or adjustable? Must be over: (below numbers can change daily - please check mortgagenewsdaily.com and add 1% to each rate and change accordingly) 5.69% -- 30 year fixed 4.99% -- 15 year fixed 5.4% -- FHA 30 year 4.32% -- 5 year ARM DQ if not over - however, you can ask if they would be interested in refinancing at a different term (example have a 5.50% 30 year fixed - ask if would be interested in going to a 15 year fixed, which is as low as 4.99%) 4. How would you rate your credit score? (Good, Excellent, Poor, Fair) DQ anyone that DOES NOT have Good or Excellent credit 5. What is your Household income and Source of Income? Lead MUST have household income beyond SSI, Unemployment, or Disability Income 6. To confirm, this is for a refinance on your personal property correct? If yes continue. If investment property, DQ 7. What do you think your home is worth? Home MUST be worth MORE than they owe on the mortgage (use LTV calculator on lead form - if it doesn't say .90 or lower, then DQ) 8. Are you interested in refinancing your property within the next 30-45 days if the right term can be established? If yes continue, if NO DQ I believe you may qualify for some of the ultra low rates available today. I will have a Senior mortgage counselor call you back within 24 to 48 hours to discuss your options and potentially give you a good faith estimate ok? If agree, submit via form.
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