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It's an easier way to deliver more leads. Snap-in to a unique and scalable market for your lead supply. The headaches of selling leads begin to fade immediately after listing your products in our marketplace. We understand your pay-per-lead model and have built a virtual force to fuel your locomotive fire.

reach Reach buyers across all verticals
Our "one-to-many" structural design simplifies the management of products and orders for any industry you call home. Cyclone automatically transforms your lead data to the end buyers format. No more field mapping!

convenience Convenience
Cyclone is a single processing and connectivity hub for all buyers. Its easy to monitor and fill orders so you can spend more time finding new sources.

payment Guaranteed payment
Cyclone's escrow component provides a mechanism so you can feel confident you won't get stiffed. Our process is defined to benefit both parties conducting business in a professional manner. You'll want all of your clients to buy inside our marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need my tech guys to do to send the leads to the buyer, after we conclude a deal?

  1. Use -- -- on every order you post to.
  2. When placed, each order will generate a unique orderID (order_id) listed on the order itself. This is a 36 character string identifying each order in the Cyclone marketplace insuring leads are routed to the appropriate buyer. This is a field automatically placed on each product and order. Include this field placed on each product along with the others listed in each post. Ex: order_id=3647df-293847-83746h563-3928555p6543
  3. You can put the other field IDs (name, phone, ect) on the product in the market. This way -- when a product is purchased there is no need to map the fields for delivery. The buyer will see how you are delivering the data and will map accordingly on their end.
    *Once you push the product live, call us to run a test order to confirm setup.

I understand that fields are important to show the buyer what is expected in delivery, but are they necessary to place on the product before it's purchased?

We recommend fields be placed on the product for everybodys benefit. However, Cyclone order form is designed for up-to-the-minute deals when sellers have adjustments in pages or publishers. Its not mandatory to list your fields to post products - but will increase the likelihood of a bid.

Can I use LeadExec to post leads to my orders in Cyclone?


When can I expect payment?

Once you accept an order, it will remain in a processing status until the buyer has submitted funds via escrow or direct payment. It's usually a couple of days before funds are posted to your account and you'll receive an alert via email immediately once payment has been made.

Some of my products have different terms than Cyclone, can I change this to reflect my company's terms?

Yes. Any unique terms can be defined on the product in the description. Cyclone standard terms are outlined in the bylaws of the exchange.

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