About Us

"Maximize a sellers time and value while remaining a buyers advocate in lead generation."

We started out on the phone as affiliates for a loan company in 1998, we were rookies. Working fast to understand the marketing and sales side helped us venture out and start our own loan business in 2005. After much success with our partners running our internal campaigns, we ventured down the path of buying leads from "lead generators". Our biggest problem we discovered when testing various places was lack of consistency. This was where the idea that consistency could be solved through market forces and re-alignment of motivations between a lead generation company and the end buyer working the leads and selling the products.

We got into different products as the paradigm in the financial services industry shifted in 2008. We put our savings and resources into testing campaigns with different providers -- yielding drastically different results. Once we understood the problems, we developed a better method to approach this market. Planning this "transparent" model of Cyclone Sales Pro made us realize this solution was big enough solve the consistency and perception problems that have plagued outsourced lead campaigns. As scientists, we began tirelessly putting resources into developing the Cyclone Exchange.

After releasing the alpha version of this marketplace at the end of 2010 -- we needed customers to buy and sell inside. Reaching out to early adopters, we were welcomed by several that agreed 100% in our vision. They said to us, "This market NEEDS the Cyclone solution. My product needs a place to be showcased so everyone can see how good we are at what we do. Not just hearing the same ole story from those mixed messaging promises." OK -- You would expect to hear this from buyers, but to hear this from the sellers was a WOW moment for the CSP team. It was at this moment, when sellers started utilizing their own resources in marketing to prospects for Cyclone enrollment; we knew the marketplaces' core value of addressing the consistency and perception issues was working. Educating the market is where we spend most of our time on now. Educating new teams and sales floors on what strategies might best work for their sales process or current product strategy. Worrying about lead transparency and consistency is history with us.

Cyclone has now become known as the "automated affiliate manager" by some buyer networks. As sellers continue to desire control of the message and pages - they are essentially becoming campaign underwriters. That brings a commoditized product that can be placed on a shelf and rated both quantitatively and qualitatively. These sellers are not only willing to be rated...but are demanding it. So - now we find our project providing light in what was previously a dark and secret world. As we continue enrolling new sellers, that light broadens and provides transparent exposure for all participants to see. When eBay was created, sole proprietors around the world must have experienced a similar feeling. Understanding that convenience eliminates distrust between people -- coupled with the markets benefit of consistency brought to every repetitive buy/sell relationship. We have succeeded in our quest and welcome you to succeed in yours.